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Hippo Resource and Learning Center - Marketplace West

A building school with a friendly atmosphere that focuses on skill development for SL users. Check out our new mall, its like a general store! builder's aids, freebies, boxed classes, tshirts, landscaping, help, Gemmy, Greedy, surfing, classes, tutorials

Open Source Sandbox

This sandbox is available to open source contributors. It contains a number of demo objects used during the development and testing of Second Life features contributed by users.

Happy Hippo Building School -Classrooms and Sandbox

Although we are on a moderate parcel, we make the utmost attempt to keep a "general" atmosphere. sand box sandbox free freebie school tutorial texture textures skills scripting build building, NO_bloodlines_allowed. teacher lesson boxed classes


Home of the Kokua Viewer

go Pink HIPPO

zyngo, slingo and many more the best club in sl ;-) legal games zyngo, slingo and many more party fun ....

[mynt]dc Data Center Server Storage Rack Space Rentals

We provide inexpensive, long term server storage and co-location for HippoVend, CasperVend DropBoxes,, Magicboxes, etc. starting as low as 20L$/month High performance server housing space to maximize reliability of your business-

AGI Service - Auto Group Inviter - since March 2009

Real Automatic Group Inviter for rent 24/7 BEST SERVICE -24/7 - Sensor - L$ 300/Month (30days) Model/Bot Hosting AGI Service - Auto Group Inviter since 14-Mar-2009 Professional Service Modality, hippo, automatic, on rez, touch ..



Hope G2 Land Security Orb GBAN Power glove punisher Reaper HUD

Weapons, Land protectors, Security ORB, insomnia, Reaper, Titanium, Eclipse, Diamond Defense, Sapphire Spell HUD, Secret agent HUD, Seraphim, power glove, first damnation hud, quantum core, hippo secure land protector. titanium jedi dark force

Caeil's Official Support Group

=======CONCERNING UPDATES:======= Right now, hippo update is dead. But don't worry, you can still update! Just go here and use my redelivery terminal~ (it's straight, then to the left) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pengo%20Capricorn/232/138/2101 ============== Hello! Join this group to speak with others about how to make Caeil's Second Life Apps work. I may also pop in from time to time to help if needed. :3

Kind Hearted Rentals and Sales

KIND HEARTED RENTALS and LAND SALES A business of renting and selling property, homes, condos, apartments with a focus on customer service. Competitive and fair rates. Contact moonde Magic http://www.hippo-tech-sl.com/rentalsfinder/?C=KindHeartedRentals

The (hippos) fan club!

Gotta love (hippos), he's always there to comfort you, and always says hello without failure with shift+ctrl+alt+h. He's just as nice as his little brother (waiting)..but that's another story. Ask me for custom titles.

TNT Best Homes

Great Private homes with Highest Quality full Menu TNT Sex beds, TV, Radio, Hippo Security as low as L$75. Beach Houses on protected Linden Ocean. Beautiful Beach Houses with house controls on your own parcel for private music and TV and much more...

Hollering Hippos

Enter at your own Risk!!! This is the open topic offshoot of Happy Hippsters. This group is NOT PG but there will still be some standards" No Personal attacks, hating,flaming,Spam etc but topic here does not matter or casual chat, discussions about viewers, LLs latest Faux Pas, venting abt your latest catastrophe go for it and cut loose but DO be respectful to others. You can ask a building Question here but it may or may not get answered :)