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The hippo is the unofficial sl mascot Linden Labs even has (Loading...) occasionally replaced with (hippo) at random And there is an easter egg they added, Control + Alt + Shift + H Join to support the hippos :O keetster wuz here--


((Hippo)) by Yaya. Stylin' clothes for stylin' tinies. Be hip, be cool, be HIPPO! All items free in the marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/20602 In loving memory of Yaya Bingyi.

Hippo (hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliop)

No problems rping in local or in im and usually up for just about anything.

Hippo Resource and Learning Center - Marketplace West

A building school with a friendly atmosphere that focuses on skill development for SL users. Check out our new mall, its like a general store! builder's aids, freebies, boxed classes, tshirts, landscaping, help, Gemmy, Greedy, surfing, classes, tutorials

Open Source Sandbox

This sandbox is available to open source contributors. It contains a number of demo objects used during the development and testing of Second Life features contributed by users.

Happy Hippo Building School -Classrooms and Sandbox

Although we are on a moderate parcel, we make the utmost attempt to keep a "general" atmosphere. sand box sandbox free freebie school tutorial texture textures skills scripting build building, NO_bloodlines_allowed. teacher lesson boxed classes

Hippo Technologies - Hippo Rental System - Hippo Vendor System

Hippo Rent Box Rentbox HippoRent HippoRentalSystem Webenabled HippoVend Hippo Vendor System Hippo Group HippoImage Hippo Image Door Plugin Hippo Tell Teleport Teleporter Hippo Visit Greeter renal system rentbox Server ELDEX homesecurity audio video web


Home of the Kokua Viewer

go Pink HIPPO

zyngo, slingo and many more the best club in sl ;-) legal games zyngo, slingo and many more party fun ....

Hairy Hippo Fun Land

Protected land -- not for sale.

[mynt]dc Data Center Server Storage Rack Space Rentals

We provide inexpensive, long term server storage and co-location for HippoVend, CasperVend DropBoxes,, Magicboxes, etc. starting as low as 20L$/month High performance server housing space to maximize reliability of your business-

AGI Service - Auto Group Inviter - since March 2009

Real Automatic Group Inviter for rent 24/7 BEST SERVICE -24/7 - Sensor - L$ 300/Month (30days) Model/Bot Hosting AGI Service - Auto Group Inviter since 14-Mar-2009 Professional Service Modality, hippo, automatic, on rez, touch ..

Hippo Foundation

The Hippo Foundation is a privately funded research and development organization which offers a broad range of services to both Government and Private sectors.

Hippo Technologies Shop

hippoRENT, hippoUPDATE, hippoVEND, hippoSECURE, rent, rental, hippotech, gadgets, business, advertising, security, teleporter, store, shop, mall, business Hippo-Technologies.info

Hairy Hippo Fun Land

Protected Land, Not for sale

Hippo Award Winners

Group for winners of the Linden Lab Innovation Awards in the open source category.


This is the secondary group of the Happy Hippo Building School (the primary group is Happy Hippsters -This group is now closed to new members, but please join the Happy Hippsters for all your building education needs: adda7cb5-d7ee-3e03-0bea-a27c77bbb2b3 Visit the school sandbox: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kinetix/243/70/21