The hippo is the unofficial sl mascot Linden Labs even has (Loading...) occasionally replaced with (hippo) at random And there is an easter egg they added, Control + Alt + Shift + H Join to support the hippos :O keetster wuz here--


((Hippo)) by Yaya. Stylin' clothes for stylin' tinies. Be hip, be cool, be HIPPO! All items free in the marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/20602 In loving memory of Yaya Bingyi.

Hippo Foundation

The Hippo Foundation is a privately funded research and development organization which offers a broad range of services to both Government and Private sectors.

Hippo Award Winners

Group for winners of the Linden Lab Innovation Awards in the open source category.


This is the secondary group of the Happy Hippo Building School (the primary group is Happy Hippsters -This group is now closed to new members, but please join the Happy Hippsters for all your building education needs: adda7cb5-d7ee-3e03-0bea-a27c77bbb2b3 Visit the school sandbox: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kinetix/243/70/21

Blue Hippo

For the notification of customers of SL Radios when new stations are added to their radios. We do not spam! As we update stations, you will receive a notification.

Virtual Hippo



Sandbox management and teacher group for the Happy Hippo Building School (seek 'Happy Hippsters' to join the main school group). Communication line for teachers and security staff. Land control for teachers of building and scripting classes.

:::Hippo Family Club:::

Let's enjoy Hippo in SL!! ヒッポをSLでも楽しもうというグループです。

Hippo Squad

Hippos unite!

Hippo Technologies User Group

User guides and support available at: Hippo-Technologies.info/user-guides Hippo-Technologies.info/support

RWCreations Commission Hippo Vendor

Thank you for purchasing my 50% Commission based Hippo Vendor Join this 50% commission hippo vendors group for notices on new additionsso you can reset your vendor to sell more ! IF YOU DO NT HAVE THE NEW 8 PRIM 6 PANEL VENDOR PLEASE IM ME! or you can buy it here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/50-Comm-RWCreations-Affiliate-HippoVEND-Elite-Vendor-8-prim-6-panel-with-homegarden-items-FREE/1938988?preview=true

..The HuNgry HiPpO..

The Hunⓖry HiρρØ Family Club

Bay City Group


ZEON Mechatronics Corp.

[ZEON] Mechatronics We focus mainly on distributing high-tech equipment for avatars. This includes things like holographic wings, visors, and a few other goodies. :) 2009 - Company founded 2010 - Started running on HippoVend 2011 - Last prim-built release 2014 - [ZEON] moves on to mesh-built products and CasperVend vendors Staff: -Dash Vayandar (modeller) -Cobalt Arkright (scripter) -Kanzaki Yokosuka (scripter)


This is the official Hippo Technologies support group for products sold in Spanish, French, Portuguese and German ONLY. Este es el grupo de soporte oficial de Hippo Technologies SOLO para los productos vendidos en Español, Francés, Portugués y Alemán.

Precious Hippos Chat Group

For Precious Hippos Chat AND Update Notices ONLY. No Advertising. Leave your DRAMA at the door. NO Roleplay in here please. Be our customer - be yourself. Website: http://PreciousBreedables.com Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wolfhaven%20Productions/58/123/5 Want to join? Come to the main store for an invite!

DP Land&Homes Rentals

Land for rent from L$1.0 per prim. For rent: land, sky platforms, hippoRENT, hippoSECURE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Muskeg/96/147/58

Catznip Viewer

Support and announcement group for the Catznip Viewer. Please be clear and concise with your questions and don't ask to ask ! Make sure you're using the latest version from catznip.com twitter.com/CatznipSL facebook.com/Catznip google.com/+Catznip discord.gg/rxKQMG7 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hippo%20Hollow/139/62/47 BETA : http://wiki.catznip.com/index.php/Beta_Testers

Advertise your Precious Breedables

For the Advertisement of all your Precious Breedables: Hippos , Dragons , Wolves No SPAM!!! No DRAMA!!! Max 1 NC & IM per hour