Hippo (hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliop)

No problems rping in local or in im and usually up for just about anything.

HIPPO (hippo.bloobury)

Fast food rockers for ever # vuva super porky

Hippo Infinity

IM's **NEVER** reach me, so please don't ... Instead, here are some useful weblinks ... http://www.hippo-technologies.co.uk/ http://www.hippo-technologies.co.uk/support/

Faith Rowley

"There is no Saint without a past, and no sinner without a future." St Augustine of Hippo

vee (vvoxwood)

Sappho would've loved me. Fond of useless data, literature, and video games. A hippo's milk is pink.

Andy Enfield

Explorer, writer, broadcaster, occasional programmer. (Please note, I have not been involved with Hippo Technologies since 2010 — for all Hippo related enquiries, PM Sands took over the business in 2010).

hυῆῆყ hυῆῆყ hἶρρõ (hunnyhunnyhippo.crisp)

I'm a big, beautiful, bouncing hippo! Wild, wide, and mouthy... Click me for a good time! No, really... click on me. Anywhere.... clicky type and position might be ANYWHERE! It's FUN! Store owner for Hunnyhunny Hippo's Hoard !HhH! - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/226068 If you read this, you owe me 10L! See picks for more! https://www.furaffinity.net/user/hunnyhippo/

YoYo Merryman

I enjoy shopping (what girl doesn't?), playing my avi's of child, mermaid, male, and tinies. I also can be an ant or hippo at a moments notice!


Here to learn and play. That never stops. Along the way I pause to give back. Currently teaching at Happy Hippo Buildling School.

ʚ˚۰Ƥαяιѕ Svensson۰˚ɞ (parislayn)

▓▒░░{•---» ραяιs ℓαүη «---•} ░░▒▓ Ψ Troublemaker Extraordinaire Ψ ✿ Luffs ragdolls & hippos ↘ Princess of Silliness and Fairytales ↙ ↘↘↘ PreSenTs ɢᴏ ʜere↙↙↙