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Sir Jakobs Freinds

Games ---------------------------------------------------- DEAL EXTREME with Instant Payouts, Zynygo Wild! with Instant Payouts ATMS ---------------------------------------------------- HippoPay ATM, Welfare ATM, Money Egg, Mc Money ATM, Instant Money Machine, Money Cube ATM, LindeX ATM, Bulido ATM MetaRL, Earn2Life ATM, Linden-Dollar ATM, STX Exchange ATM SL Exchange ATM. Our Group Benifits ---------------------------------------------------- Random Money Giver 1L$ for every 10min Campers

THE POKER CLUB XY - poxy.club

Develop your poker skills. To get to being called the Champion, you'll get battle to play with the best players among Russian Federation, United States, Japan, Italy, India, Poland, UK, France, Peru, Bulgaria, Brazil, Spanish.

Dakara Creations

Dakara Design & Creations Flex Fantasy Mann Frau Maedchen Girl SexyHair curls Haar Fashion hair Geisha Hippo Rent Neko Tiger Leopard Emo Neko Hair Hairlab Gor Haare Bond Hair Kajira Frisur Elf Hair Fae Vamp Elven Flexi haare gothic Gorean Outfits Mann Frau Maedchen SexyHair curls Haar Edel Fashion Geisha Hippo Rent Neko Tiger Leopard Emo Neko Hair Hairlab Gor Haare Bond Hair Kajira Frisur Elf Hair Fae Vamp Elven Flexi haare gothic Gorean Neko Demon Vampire Blood Cyber tech furry Bloodline Stockings Skirt


Breedables, Dranopia, dwarfins, ozimal bunny, biobreeds horses, dogs, zeoney, breedabulls veal, jingjing, pal ponies, pet peddlers fish, meeroos, wolves, precious hippo, pigs, goats. kittyCats, Dobe, Husky, Pug, Cow, chicken, pet plants, fennux, boosh STORE> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kaseyo/227/163/72 MARKETPLACE> https://marketplace.secondlife.com/pt-BR/stores/124853

Anzere Infohub - By the Confederation of Democratic Simulators

Detailing the history and current information on the Confederation of Democratic Simulators, SL's only virtual democratic state

AC Rental & Hotel 7 Stars - Private Homes

Est.2011 in Second Life Unique Different Skyboxes, fully furnished, adult beds, security system. Hotelrooms in all kinds of sizes, comfortable rooms. adult beds, security system, some with balcony & seaview. Parcels with houses, etc. *LOW RENTS* Welcome.

PortoNuovo - Italian Fishing Port, Italy

Across the road from the Italian village of Ciampi is the small fishing harbour of PortoNuovo. Rental, Rent, Ciampi, Villas, Farmhouse, Mainland, Rez Zone, Sailing, Sailable, holiday

The Tropical MultiScene Sky Spheres with New 2018 Mesh Scenes!

Beautiful MultiScene luxury homes for 290 L$/w. The Original Sky Spheres with all New 2018 Original Mesh Scenes. Tropical beach, countryside homes, winter lodge, Moroccan desert, islands, etc. Each home has a 100msq dome./*Sky:"Midday 1"RegionOverride*/

Blue Baron's Antiques, Art & Pottery

Antique furniture, mirrors, collectibles, paintings and pottery

Ankh Morpork twinned with Pijame

Artworks, dancing, inexpensive items and freebies, Gatcha, Lucky chairs.. Ankh-Morpork in SL., Sheikh Yerbouti Medieval market, /*Windlight Sky: "Nam's Optimal Skin and Prim"/ Water: "Glassy"/Sky@300 - 650m: "Foggy"*/

Grendel's Children, Dragons, Monsters, and more!

Avatars, Dragon, Gryphon, Werewolf, Animal, Demon, Dinosaur, pets, home & garden, tinies, skins, tutorials, books and more! Creatures abound! Dozens of Freebies! Visit the lands below... Low prices, high quality! For Grendel !


Treasure Hunting,Animal,Full Per,Fireworks,Race Track,Bike,Timing System,Gate,Lap Timer,Chimpansee,Mahjong,Uno,darts,igo,Othello,GoKart,Chopper,Gorrila,Monkey,Seel,Free,BIG ROLLY,Boat,Hang Glider,JET SKI,Car, Race,Free,Rental,Freebies,Chimp,Raceway,

DFS Market Main Street Market (EST 2017)

Here you will find great offers stand 20 L$ per week 25 prims We look forward to your visit :) DFS Market, Farming System, Cookbook,Raffle, Bid Boards, Advertising, Rental, Rent, Breedables, Roleplay, RP, Community, Harvest, Farm

MarkLand Sea View Land for SALE or RENT 1536 sqm Lunata 527 pr

527 prims. MarkLand Sales & Rentals. Established in 2013. Land for Rent Land for Sale. Residential, Commercial, Skybox, Aura, DFS, Farm & breedables welcome. Rental: Pay the rent box in the corner and I'll invite you to the group, take it off sale and re

New Berlin City - GNC Estates

City of New Berlin - Hangout, Events, Shops, Rentals and more. City von New Berlin, Treffpunkt, Events, Shops, Wohnungen und mehr. Contact Michelle Woodget (Michelle011997) or Nero Posthorn for Infos


Everything for police, metro police, Gendarmerie, Sheriff,Fire department. Mesh police cars, bikes, motorcycle, Haru Motor, Mesh, Badge, Uniform, SWAT, Detective, Security,Helicopters, Boat, Uniform,vest, computer, radio, scanner, weapons, TX Gear,rp

Aqua Avatar Central

Come on in and Equip yourself. Everything under the sun, plus a few Freebies.

Crystal Teardrops Kids Club & Royal Rascals Main

Breedables, Kittycats stray cats Amaretto EVO Shop Rentals Roller Coasters Fun House Bowling Skate Rink Gotcha, Gatcha, Freebies 7seas, Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka plant pets So Silly Wiggle Snaps Beyou playground Kids and Family Friendly Club

Gacha Shack Gacha Resale Market NEW LOCATION Est 2014

Great place to sell your gacha items and also to shop, so much choice!! Established in 2014, offering good customer care! Ionic, Hideki, The Arcade, Jian, bueno, consignment, Ariskea ,Apple Fall, BananaN, Lagom, Random Matter, Since 1969


Gacha Yardsale Market. Shop 1 and a half sims. Buy or sell gatchas with us. FREE Vendor Kit. Find items from the latest events. 8f8, Apple Fall, Trompe, Blueberry, Bee Designs, Osmia, Madras, 22769, Thor, Lagom, Elm, Ionic, Mossu, Con, Hive, Boogers.