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:NADAS: Franchise

Due to the recurring problems with BSM. I will not support the system longer. if the system does not work with you, please use the HIPPO system Thank you. This group is for help and support only. Any kind of Advertising forbidden.



Something Spunky Animations

Join here for free updates, freebies, info on sales events and to find out about new stuff when it comes out...you may also want to join my Hippo group, which doesn't count toward your 25 SL groups....I'm announcing everything there as well now...Please put me in your picks if you'd like to support my store and qualify for extra free gifts!

Ask the Hippos!

We'd love to have you join our group that was created to help new residents by answering questions that get posted on our web site. As a group member you can participate by wearing the helpOUT HUD that lets you post answers to online questions from inworld. http://www.AsktheHippos.com/ (you can download the HUD from the web site)

Yao Imagination Inc

This is a group for people interested in the productions and creations of Zypher Yao. Note that most information about product updates are distributed via note cards from the Hippo Groups. For Demonstrations of YAO products contact Megatherion Zenovka

Catznip Viewer Help & Support Point - http://catznip.com

Help secondlife:///app/group/0ca3355c-c72c-4db5-d2e2-79127a134d55/about Download/News http://catznip.com Twitter http://twitter.com/CatznipSL Discord https://discord.gg/rxKQMG7


-----=> VENDOM Model Staff <=----- All Vendom Models will now get a 20% employee discount on all items that are bought through the MultiVendors (HippoVend), at the main store, when paying with Lindens. - You must wear your Vendom Model tag while using the MultiVendor. It will charge you the full price, but then will instantly send you 20% of the lindens back to you. ^.^ This also works with using the "buy for a friend" option. <3 Vendalia Foxtrot

Lilliput ~ Update Group

Group for the Lilliput store in the beautiful Nation of Victoriana. Members will receive occasional new product announcements. We will also have some great member events and some members-only free stuffs =)~ for tinies , tiny , hatchie , hedgie NOTE: In order better serve our customers and save you group space, we have switched to the Hippo groups system. Please come to the shop and click the sign, same great updates, no group slot used, oh yeah! ㋡

TM Security

Hello and welcome This group is for the TM Security Hippo Rental Compatible and Personal version. If you need any help join our group or contact SiSpt Laville or TrybALSpiriT Manga

*BodyWear* Jewelry

Currently Using a Hippo group. If you are interested in joining the Bodywear Jewelry Group to be informed of new products at a special limited time discount, please come to my main store and join the hippo group. No more than 2-3 notices per month. Find my main store LM in my picks in my profile. ...... Lake Swords

The Legion Of Horny Hippos

Based off of the Horny Horny Hippos Random faction I made in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Decided to make it here

Social Skills - HippoCampus - Educ

( Plush Phi 26 , 88 , 66 ) SOCIAL SKILLS HippoCampus Charter: People in Second Life enhance their Social Skills with chat and communication. How to use what we learn in one world and in the other... short; ...its about the balance inbetween Primary Life and Second Life :-) http;//www.mda.ch/imagination/socialskills.html Be welcome to share the group as Trainer or as Trainee

SmartHome Sky Rentals

A Smart não tem corretores. Casa show room: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Quiet%20Storm/195/248/4072 Video-tutoriais: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4m3be7jfCY Escolha uma casa disponível em: http://www.hippo-tech-sl.com/rentalsfinder/?C=SmartHome .Teleporte, pague à rental que a casa te manda o grupo e 2 huds.

The HippoBlueZone

Stellt eure Automaten auf, zockt euch die Finger wund oder campt was das Zeug hällt. Wir haben Zyngos 3x, 5x, 6x, 7,5x, 9x, 10x, 2xZyngoHighScoreContest, DealExtreme, Letterz, TIM, 2 CampMaster 8/50 & 75/30, PayForPlay, Pay4Vote, freie Fläche für eure Automaten. Und das alles Lagfrei !!! Kommt und schaut es euch an. http://slurl/secondlife/Fermat/76/178/48


This is a project presented by ((Hippo)) and MUZI! POP-UP GACHA is a GACHA (Gatcha) event held in a random locations featuring all sorts of stores in Second Life!

MWA Campus

A Secondary group for the Staff, Students, Hall of Fine Arts members, Family and Friends of Morning Wood Campus. The Hall of Fine Arts has spaces for all of you SL artists to exhibit your finest works of art for only 1L$ per week for 10 prims!! Must be original works only. IM Timmy or Edie Spiritor or e-mail us at edie.spiritor@hotmail.com to be added to the Artists Group to pay Hippo vendor & rez your items. Very small Group Liability fee is accessed for membership benefits.

Thriller Flash Mob

Thriller Flash Mob It's Back. The infamous Thriller Flash Mob (which is a Hippo Exclusive). Grab some friends Hop on the Mob pose balls, or grab a bracelet from the Jocko-lantern, or click on the dance ball. Click on the black roof to start the music and snap some pictures, make a movie. It's all free until the 31st. Feel free to donate to the school we are non-profit. We have 2 floors of Freebies, tons of tutorials and shops to browse; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pandorus/140/160/27

Gadget Shack

We provide you with the tools to make your second life easier. Specials: Multi Gadget $198, Online Notification HUD $300 Distributors for: JEVN Products, Hippo Products, and more Specialized Solutions for your needs.

Sari's Daily Gorean Quote Trivia

Welcome to Sari's Daily "Quote from the Books." Each day, you will receive a trivia question, based on John Norman's Gorean Saga. The answer for this question will be sent the following day, with a new trivia question to pique your interest! If you'd prefer to receive the daily quote without joining a group, please IM sarina prieto. The quotes are also delivered daily via a HippoGROUPS server!