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Prim Pincher

Prim Pincher Low Prim Furniture by Nimue Jewell (Nimue Isle 173,155,27). **Hippo group now avaliable. Touch sign in store to join and save a group space.** I specialize in colorful, creative, high function, low prim furniture. When possible, I embed my poses rather than using poseballs. Many items are sculpted, texture or color change, and modifiable. Using the all search? Click here to TP to my mainstore: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nimue%20Isle/173/154/27 ~Live well, simply.~

Thriller Flash Mob

Thriller Flash Mob It's Back. The infamous Thriller Flash Mob (which is a Hippo Exclusive). Grab some friends Hop on the Mob pose balls, or grab a bracelet from the Jocko-lantern, or click on the dance ball. Click on the black roof to start the music and snap some pictures, make a movie. It's all free until the 31st. Feel free to donate to the school we are non-profit. We have 2 floors of Freebies, tons of tutorials and shops to browse; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pandorus/140/160/27

Open Source Expo

A managment group for the open source expo on Michelle2 Zenovak's hippo award land in Hippotropolis. The expo is to promote free and open software


Gwiz! and Wild! Flowers Wonders To Go (pronounced: Gee Wiz) SL Marketplace Store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/144703 Main Store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Loxich/143/97/24 Happy Hippo Outlet: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kinetix/200/164/30

Precious Breedables

Precious Breedables Staff Group Website: http://PreciousBreedables.com Dragon Cave: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wolfhaven%20Productions/128/127/4 Hippo Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wolfhaven%20Productions/59/123/4

Multi-Merchant Reseller Network

Increase and track your SL sales with the Multi-Merchant Reseller Network 1. Merchants (Item Creators) - Get your items listed by many resellers. You set product price and reseller commission. All products are stored on your own secured networked server. 2. Reselles - Get access to original items direct from the creators and resell for commission. The "EA Holdings Franchise System" is a complete networked sale system with more functionsality than JEVN or HIPPO. IM Ernst Eberhart for more info.

The Reckless Zaibatsu

Just some people who talk about shit. Anything, really. You wanna find an RP? You wanna get with some motherfucker to have a hot night of delight? You wanna discuss the latest gaming news? You wanna type the word 'yiff' in the cha--No, nevermind. I'll kick you for that. Furries all over this group. I'll give you a custom tag too, if you want. Just IM Nox, kay? You won't get kicked for the 'Y' word.

The Storage Depot

Low Cost, secure storage for back up dropboxes For you Caspervend, Hippo or other vendor systems.. RC Channel storage depot for dropboxes. NO ADVERTISING! I am not affiliated or partnered with Caspervend in anyway. I am simply a long term user who know the importance of having back-up dropboxes on different sims/channels.

Unofficial Precious Breedables Ads

This group is for breeders of the Precious Breedables Dragons and Hippo's Only. To join please IM Sparkles Darkfire. Rules : 1. Keep notices to a maximum of 3 per day. 2. Keep ads in chat to a maximum of 1 every 2 hours. 3. Adverts in chat must be a maximum of 6 lines long. No excessive spaces, symbols etc. 4. Anyone advertising any other breedables will be banneds. Anyone violating the rules will be given a warning and then will be ejected from the group


☜ ♫ HIPPO RADIO ♫ ☞ URL ->> DANCEFLOOR : http://radio.hippostream.com URL->> ROMANTIQUE : http://hipporomantic.hippostream.com Laisse tes messages sur le répondeur de hippo, Ou apelle en live : 09 70 44 86 07 Hippo Radio, c'est avant tout la radio francophone de Second Life qui ne se prend pas la tete !!! Ambiance, Délires, et Fun sont les maitres mots de la Radio !! Publicité sur le chat formellement interdite. S'adresser au staff pour vos demandes.

Krafties Market Staff

This group for Krafties, BOOSHIES and other pets Market rentors http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Marly%20Private%20Rentals/132/148/2502 Here you can sell and buy krafties, BOOSHIES, yumi, cats , dogs , horses, meeroos, bunny, fennux, jingjing, pet, ozimals, amaretto, hippos, pufflings, plant, plantpet, dragons and all stuffs for it .

Mars Productions Vendors

For use by people reselling Mars products. If you are a member then Mars considers you a vendor of her products and will send you news/updates about her products and vendors. Note: 6th May 2017 Hippo Vendors are no longer updated use the Mars Vendor instead. This works better if the Mars experience is enabled on the SIM you rez the vendors but not mandatory.

a.G enterprise

a.G -/*********** ******* **********

Devil Cave Stores for rent

Dear costumer Welcome to the great areas of Venus and Devil Cave Stores for rent. This is adult land and you got many options when you rent a store for your future business. It's really easy to get set. All you need is to pay the rent in the Hippo box and you owns the land and store right away will all permissions. Call Rose Eddenbaum or Lotus Popstar for further details

* Affiliate and Resell Exchange *

Group for owners of SWIFTvend™ and other affiliate/resell systems to distribute their vendor collections and related info by group notice! new NOV/24/2010! Resellers join now to gain access to the latest affiliate vendors. For permission to post notices please contact SWIFTvend Galaxy. FREE membership!!! Earn $$ by reselling! ____<NO SPAM ALLOWED____ keywords: affiliation, afiliado, affiliate, clothes, clothing, mall, shop, men, women, wear, shirt, pants, resell, sell, free, neko, hippo, jevn

-{ Second Lust }-

-{ Second Lust }- is Second Life’s newest FREELANCE escort sim. This groups serves several purposes and is the best way to keep up to date. We are an adult only sim for escorts, dancers, cam performers etc. Free skyboxes and all escorts keep 100% of their tips. Join us in http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Second%20Lust/41/191/47 This group is not used for event notices. Please join our event notice hippo group to receive even notices.

Cheap Land for sale

NO premium required to own land here!! 1688 pw - 937 prims 16384 sqm1/4 HS 3388 pw- 1875 prims 32768 sqm1/2 HS 6888 pw -3750 prims 65536 sqm1/1 HS 1199pw- 937 prims 4096 sqm 1/16 FULL SIM 2399pw- 1874 prims 8192 sqm 1/8 FULL SIM 4688pw- 3750 prims 16384 sqm 1/4 FULL SIM OFFICE LANDMARK http://slurl.com/secondlife/GoldenBusiness%20Area2/73/81/22 http://www.hippo-tech-sl.com/rentalsfinder/index.php?C=realitymollerrentals

Starflare Skins Affiliate

This is a group for Starflare Skin Affiliates. Please join this group to recieve updates on your vendors, and new vendors as we continue to grow. There is no cost to join this group, or to receive new vendors. Use our vendors on your land to earn 50% commission (minus hippo's 2%) on our skin products. Thank you. Any questions IM Seralynn Starflare. ~ Starflare Skins ~